For environmental enrichment, there are several places, but start with: the Animal Welfare Information Center: <www/nal

From: Jo Fritz, Primate Foundation of Arizona [[email protected]]: Try the National Academy of Sciences’ Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals, as a beginning point. You can access it at .>; Dr. Viktor Reinhardt: ; and the Primate Enrichment Web Site: . For general primatology questions try AskPrimate: ; the American Society of Primatology: ; Living Links Web Site: ; Sci-Web, the Life Science Home Page: ; The Electronic Zoo: ; or the World Wide Web Virtual Library’s Biotechnology Information: .

New towers new pet go up try surrounded by electric “hot” wires to keep them off straying into park

From Bob Lewis, former caretaker, [[email protected]]: Puzzle feeders can be found at the Primate Products Website: . These expensive doodads are hung on the outside of the cage. The animal routes food and treats through a maze. Do NOT do like a former supervisor of mine and place a puzzle feeder IN the cage with a primate – in this case, a female rhesus macaque. Your US$200 investment will end up in the rubbish as scraps of polycarbonate plastic.

From: Ian Colquhoun, College or university from West Ontario, Scientific Mentor to the Black Lemur Variety Emergency Package [[email protected]]: It ought to be recalled you to “ecological enrichment” is possible in a number of areas thanks to quick, low-technology (i.elizabeth., “inexpensive”) actions. With lemurs, we are speaking about arboreal variety. A basic bit of environmental enrichment would be to make certain that he’s got because the complex a network off increased substrata as possible, toward extent that the measurements of the brand new enclosure(s) as well as the management standards of your animal proper care employees succeed. Which is, let them have many twigs, of several diameters and place on some bases – preferably, you’ll be seeking to reconstruct the three-dimensional complexity from a forest shelter toward better the amount possible. As the a scholar student, I invested multiple summers focusing on the pet proper care team regarding a little, seasonal municipal zoo. I earned the latest title “department manager” regarding associates courtesy my personal push to include as much elevated supporting that one may into zoo’s primates. But, brand new research was at the new pudding, as the saying goes – new twigs were used and naturally gave brand new animals selection into the their usage of room and you will go out away from attacks one dining was being consumed.

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Arizona, D.C.: A male orangutan called Junior produced a short getting away from the latest Federal Zoo’s High Ape Family and you may zoo people were cautioned out about urban area until he had been recaptured. Junior is all about three decades dated along with no time before kept the fresh new Ape Family, zoo authorities said, however, there was several systems orangutans are able to use to go back and you can onward between one housing and also the zoo’s animal Think tank.

Owners was in fact “astonished” when Junior climbed from among 40-legs towers and was able to stay away from, said zoo spokesman Robert Hoage. The animal had aside about good.meters. and you may headed in the direction of this new zoo cops channel, Hoage told you. His absence is actually almost quickly sensed. On 22 times later, the latest orangutan is actually “darted” which have good tranquilizer gun fired from the a veterinarian. New tranquilized animal were to feel checked out and authorities told you he will be straight back to the showcase since that day.

In the event the wiring fail, bulbs should come on in order to alert keepers. “We need to understand in the event your energy ran away from or if the guy outdone the device,” Hoage said.

During the Junior’s eliminate, zoo men and women have been cleared from the city and you may restricted to a side of the zoo around the Elephant Home. – On the Arizona Article, August 29